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Ghillie Kettles & Accessories

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Water is poured into the spout. The whistle is added. The doughnut shaped tube/chimney contains the combustible material that lies in the bottom of the pan on which the kettle sits. Once lit flames rise through the middle of the chimney. The hole at the side of the bottom of the pan allows more twigs, paper etc to be added and also allows oxygen to be sucked in as the flames rise (you can also add combustible items down through the centre of the chimney) The whistle is a very good safety feature which blows when the water reaches boiling point, The Ghillie Kettle comes with full instructions, It is the only kettle on the market that has the safety feature of the whistle

The Ghillie Kettle is ideal for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Any outdoor activity.

Able to be used in harsh conditions: Wet and Windy. Quick, Clean and Durable Simple to use, no need for gas or artificial fuel: Use twigs, fir cones dry leaves or newspaper.

Please order any required cook kits separately (use drop down boxes) as the cook kits do not come with the Kettles.


The entire range of Ghillie Kettles and Accessories in all sizes and finishes are available from this one listing by simply selecting your choice from the drop-down boxes above.

Please note that the Cook Kits, Pot Supports and Base Stands are sold as separate items - these items DO NOT come with the Kettles, you must order all items separately.

All items can be added individually to your basket before committing to buy.

Beware of cheap copy-cat models from the far east and other countries. All Ghillie products are made in UK to exceptionally high standard with only the finest materials. Look no farther - the entire Ghillie range is available here.


Product Description

 The history of these types of Storm Kettle can be traced back to the 1800's amongst fishermen on the west coast of Ireland (see more detailed history below).

The modern day Ghillie Kettle is available in a range of sizes and finishes and is complimented with a range of accessories such as cooking kits and pot stands.

Ghillie Kettles will come to the boil in about 4-5 minutes using only fuel provided by Mother Nature such as pine cones, twigs & small sticks, dried grass or just about any other combustibles lying about (even old newspaper).

With a bit of practice you’ll hear the whistle in about 4-5 minutes in nearly any weather conditions. Our kettles are the only ones with the safety whistle cap.

All Ghillie Kettles are hand crafted from aluminum in the UK and include a durable carry bag for storage and full instructions. All Ghillie Kettles come with a Two Year Limited Warranty

Ghillie Storm Kettles are available in three sizes:

MAVERICK (0.5 L Capacity)
The smallest Ghillie Kettle, the Maverick will quickly boil 2 Mugs of water.

  • Lightweight 0.5kg
  • Holds up to 0.5ltrs
  • Height: 27cm / 10.6inchs
  • Width: 14cm / 5.5inchs (at its widest point)

EXPLORER (1.0 L Capacity)
The Explorer is the middle sized option in the Ghillie Kettle range, and will quickly boil 3.5 Mugs cups of water.

  • Lightweight 0.8kg
  • Holds up to 1.0ltrs
  • Height: 28cm / 11inchs
  • Width: 18.5cm / 7.3inchs (at its widest point)

ADVENTURER (1.5L Capacity)
The largest Ghillie Kettle, the Adventurer will quickly boil 5 Mugs of water

  • Lightweight 0.9kg
  • Holds up to 1.42ltrs
  • Height: 34cm / 13inchs
  • Width: 18.5cm / 7.3inchs (at its widest point)

In addition to a choice of three sizes, the range of Ghillie Kettles are available in three different finishes

The original "Ghillie Kettles" have been traditionally made from lightweight durable Aluminium and this continues to be the most inexpensive finish.

The latest finish from the Ghillie Kettle company - the same Ghillie Kettle but now in a NEW silver anodized aluminium up to 5 microns deep.
The benefits of the new silver anodized aluminium Ghillie Kettles are that they are

  • More durable than plain aluminium,
  • Easier to clean
  • Scratch resistant

The premium finish in the Ghillie range. Hard anodized to BS.ISO.10074 and 30-40 microns deep.
The same Ghillie Kettle but now in new hard anodized aluminium.


  • Highly durable
  • Smooth non-stick surface
  • Non-reactive surface
  • Very strong and hard wearing
  • Quicker to boil and heat up food
  • Complies to the British Food Standard
  • Easier to clean
  • Scratch resistant
  • All the benefits of stainless steel, but cheaper and lighter

Every Ghillie Kettle comes with its own hard wearing carry bag. Ideal for any outdoor activity especially: Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Building Sites, Back Packers or those with limited space. A lifesaver during power cuts (to be used outdoors).


In 2015, Ghillie Kettle Co has changed its hard anodising process by removing the dye used to give the dark grey/black appearance.

This reasoning for the removal of dye is purely based on environmental grounds and has no effect on the performance of the Ghillie Kettle. However the removal of the dye does lead to slight variance of colour caused by the hard anodizing process.

The Ghillie Kettles are still Hard anodized to BS.ISO.1007 and 30-40 microns deep (which complies with British Food standard), but are now silver/grey in colour.

Hard Anodized Ghillie Kettles are still guaranteed for 10 years, subject to normal wear and tear; a certificate of conformity is available on request.


Don't forget the fact that you can also cook simple meals using the Kettle with our cooking utility sets.

For the Adventurer or Explorer the Large Cook Set is available in Flash Anodised or Hard Anodised finish and for the Maverick the Small Cook Set is available in the same two finishes.

Cook Kits come with a Saucepan, Frying Pan, Pan Grip and Grill. The saucepan and frying pan can be set on the pot support which fits over the chimney, allowing you to cook food whilst boiling water at the same time. When you are finished boiling water you can remove the kettle and put the grill onto the fire base, this will then allow you to barbeque  food directly on the grill, or use the saucepan or frying pan on your fire base.

When not in use Ghillie Cook Kits are designed to fit into the base of the Kettle for easy storage and transport.

Some of the photographs may show the old style tubular pot support, the new design Pot Support which was changed last year to improve upon the old design. Note - the new pot support is two-piece item which, prior to assembly, will fit inside the neck of the kettle, so making it easy to transport around. The new pot support can also be used as the kettle base, if preferred, although it's not a replacement for the existing base as the triangular design is very sturdy.

Pot supports and triangular bases are also available to order separately - on size of pot supports fits all kettles, the Large base stand fits the Adventurer and Explorer and the Small base stand fits the Maverick.

Please note pot supports only come in an aluminum finish.


The world's most compact double walled kettle- The mKettle!  The mKettle is proven in the field and recommended by outdoor enthusiasts who are used to cycling, canoeing/kayaking, camping, fishing, or backpacking light where weight, size, and function are critical.

  • Composition: Hard Anodized Aluminium, British Standard ISO10074:2010
  • Weight: 370g (13 oz)
  • Capacity: 530 ml (18 oz) About 1 Pint
  • Dimensions: 17cm (7”) Tall by 10cm (3.75”) Diameter
  • Pack: Fitted Rip Stop Nylon Carry Bag with D-Rings
  • Fuel: Solid, Eco-friendly, No Gas-canisters Required; Successfully Paired With Trangia (Sweden), White Box (USA), and Evernew (Japan) Spirit Burners.
  • Transport: Use Stopper to Carry Water
  • Storage: Space for Matches Fire Starter Inside Firebase

Why an mKettle?
We couldn’t find an outdoor kettle that was small and light enough to throw in a pack, so we made one. Our field testing proved very successful so we began commercial production in October 2010.What makes the mKettle special?
It’s simple, compact, ultra-light, super tough and proven to work in harsh real word conditions… oh yea, it has a very high cool factor too.

What comes with an mKettle?
Included in the shipping carton are the mKettle and Firebase, Neoprene Sleeve, Rip Stop Nylon Carry Bag, Stopper, and Manual

Where is mKettle made?
The mKettle is handmade in the United Kingdom using new stock aluminum which is hard anodized inside and out to British Standard ISO10074:2010. Even the Carry Bag and Neoprene Sleeve are made by tailors in the UK. The translucent silicone food-grade Stopper is biologically neutral, chemically inert and dishwasher safe.

All Ghillie Kettles, including the mKettle carry a two year limited Warranty for the original owner. 

The tradition of the Ghillie heating up water on the shore for their client's tea dates back to the late 1800's in western Ireland. These handmade kettles were made mostly of tin and had very short lives.

 he chimney or volcano kettle design was refined by John Ashley Hart of New Zealand, who may have been inspired by traditional Mongolian and Chinese hot-pots which had a central chimney. His “Thermette” kettle was first manufactured in 1929 and was standard issue for the New Zealand Army during World War II where it became known as the “Benghazi Boiler”.

The George Marris & Co. of Birmingham, England began making iron bedsteads and brass/copper fern pots in the 1800’s. Marris began diversifying into other products in about 1906, when the brand name “Sirram” (Marris spelled backwards) appeared first on their picnic sets.

There’s a record of a meeting between one of the Marris family members and John Ashley Hart after which the first “Sirram Volcano Kettle” appeared. These early copper models carried an inscribed brass plate which included “Registered Design No. 731794?. The records of the British Public Records Office show that this design number was issued in 1928. This gives us the earliest definite date for the “Sirram Volcano Kettle”. Marris eventually changed the production of the kettles from copper to spun aluminium.

We know that “Sirram Volcano Kettles” were still in production in the late 1960's as the book “Modern Camping 1968”, by Jack Cox quotes a UK Consumers Association test of 21 camp stoves which concluded “For boiling water quickly or washing up, there is nothing to beat a Sirram Volcano Kettle, either at home or abroad”.

Today, Ghillie kettles are produced by the same metal works with the same passion for quality and function.

Please note that the Cook Kits, Pot Supports and Base Stands are sold as separate items - these items DO NOT come with the Kettles, you must order all items separately.

All items can be added individually to your basket before committing to buy.


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