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Retap Bottle 03, 300ml - small enough to fit in the cup holder of your car or in a handbag Retap Bottle 05, 500ml - the most popular of our different sized glass water bottles. Retap Bottle 08, 800ml - perfect for the fridge or to take on the go Lifetime warranty - see description for details Accessories available
ReTap the Reusable, Refillable, Eco Friendly Tap Water Bottle Here we offer the full range of colourful glass ReTap bottles available in 300ml, 500ml & 800ml. Why pay a fortune for water in a plastic bottle that is not made for reuse nor to enjoy drinking water from? In every situation, a beautiful, clean and sustainable glass water bottle is the perfect companion. Retap Bottle 03, 300ml The Retap Bottle 03 is the smallest bottle in the Retap Family and is small enough to fit in the cup holder of your car or in a handbag. The Retap Bottle 03 can contain 0,3 liter of water, which you can easily refill with fresh water. The smallest member of the Retap family is the Retap Bottle 03. The bottle easily fits your hand and offers you a refreshing 300 ml of quenching water. This small glass water bottle is often used in households replacing drinking glasses. Many restaurants also use them for their guests, who are thrilled by the beautiful design, the clean and healthy nature of the glass bottle and the assuring story of sustainability. The Retap Bottle 03 features the same opening as the other Retap Bottles – the 05 and 08. This means that the various colourful lids fit nicely on every glass water bottle – no matter what size the body of the bottle is. The opening is especially designed for the best drinking experience as well as the best water flow when cleaned in a dishwasher. Therefore, we keep the opening perfectly sized for exactly this – even though the body of the Retap Bottle 03 isn’t as big as that of the 05 and 08. Retap Bottle 05, 500ml The Retap Bottle 05 is the most popular of our different sized glass water bottles. The Retap Bottle 05 was the first bottle ReTap decided to start producing back in 2009. Since then, thousands of Retap Bottles have left our production site and have found new homes all over the world. In many places you can see students in class rooms with filled Retap Bottles in front of them, in offices you see employees going into meetings with filled Retap Bottles in their hands. And in the every day life you see people carrying or drinking from the Retap Bottle as a friendly reminder to stay hydrated throughout the day. Retap Bottle 08, 800ml The Retap Bottle 08 is perfect for sharing. Fill it up with 0,8 liter from the tap, store it in the fridge and you will always have cold, fresh and clean tap water. Great for dinner parties at home or meetings at work. Its beautiful Danish design will look good on every table. The Retap Bottle 08 is the big-brother in our family of Retap Bottles. The large Retap Bottle 08 is able to hold a total of 800 ml of water. It was created for two reasons. The first one; office meetings. Bring a Retap Bottle 08 and share it with a couple of co-workers. Secondly, the dining table. We saw the need for a larger bottle that could be shared during a family sit-down or at the dinner party. All you then need are a few drinking glasses – and everyone gets water, no matter if you are in a meeting or at home having dinner. You can also choose to drink directly from the Retap Bottle 08. The shape of the bottle creates a perfect water flow, so it is both pleasant to drink from or pour with. Bottle sleeves and infuse stick also available from our store. **THE BEST BIT - LIFETIME WARRANTY ** The ReTap bottles are made from borosilicate glass: a highly durable and qualitative material that lasts and withstands most impacts. Lifetime warranty is only for the glass bottle. If your Retap Bottle accidentally breaks,please contact us at and send us a photo of your broken bottle. Then, we will send you a new bottle as soon as possible. * Please keep your lid, we only replace the bottle. * The Lifetime Warranty is only valid within the UK, ROI & EU (and Switzerland). * We need a picture of the broken bottle & proof of purchase (retain your receipt). * There is a fee of £2.99 (UK & ROI) £5 (Europe) for shipping and handling per bottle.
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